For the performance of a site in a clinical trial, the number of publications of the investigator is not a truly hard parethics-board-meetingameter. The set up of a site and its performance in previous trials (especially recruitment capabilities) are much more important for the success of a trial.


Often times people think Clinical trials are very easy to do, but the real truth is very surprising!!

BNCA provide clinical trial service activities that are dedicated to running and managing the clinical site for a larger CRO (clinical research organization) or sponsors or trial sites. Our risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) is an innovative strategy for managing risk that concentrates attention on those areas that are critical to the reliability of the trial data. By properly assessing risk and applying the most appropriate monitoring strategy according to risk priorities, threats to patient safety and data integrity can be foreseen and either avoided or mitigated because they are caught early. For more information please reach out to us.

YOU ARE ELIGIBLEThe picture is for fun….but let me tell you the truth 🙂

Informed consent is more than just a signature on a form, it is a process of information exchange that may include, in addition to reading and signing the informed consent document, subject recruitment materials, verbal instructions, question/answer sessions and measures of subject understanding. Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), clinical investigators, and research sponsors all share responsibility for ensuring that the informed consent process is adequate. Thus, rather than an endpoint, the consent document should be the basis for a meaningful exchange between the investigator and the subject.

Mobile apps and tablets take over clinical-trials!! The mobile,tablet and “apps” market have been growing gadgetsrapidly and steadily for the past few years. With the introduction of the iPad in 2010, the tablet market is gaining attention as product value soars in many industries. Health and pharmaceuticals is one of those industries openly accepting the mobile and tablet takeover as these devices and their “apps” bring added benefit and new innovative solutions.

An interesting meeting with GBUAUHN officials and physicians.


photo 1Today we had an exciting and productive meeting with a group of physicians and their administrators at GBUAHN.   SO you might wonder what this is all about?  Well… GBUAHN is an organization that provides and fulfills a vital need in our society – taking care of those who need medical care the most.  Learn more about them and their website by clicking on this link

We discussed about prospects of using us as their SMO (Site management organization).  We explained the many benefits from our services.   They are a very experienced and knowledgeable group of physicians and we are looking forward to represent them  soon in future.


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